What Level Do You Need To Get Gymnastics Grips – Top 3 Grips

As you move up through the levels of gymnastics, there is a certain point when you will need to get gymnastics grips. This is because the more you do on the bars the more your palms will need to be protected.

This being said, you need to get gymnastics grips when you start really working on the bars in level 4. Some gymnasts get them in level 3 as soon as they start doing anything on the bars, while others wait until closer to level 5 or 6 when their hands are starting to tear from the bars.

At what point you decide to start wearing gymnastics grips is for the most part up to you, but you should get the opinion of your coach and take your own hands into consideration. Some people have naturally tougher hands and do not need grips as soon as other gymnasts do, while other with sensitive skin that tears easier may need grips sooner.

Different Gymnastics Grips

There are different kinds of grips, different sizes, and sometimes they can be made out of different materials as well, though the most common thing that grips are made out of it leather. Leather grips need to be broken in before they become truly comfortable, but once this has been done they have a great fit.

Most gymnastics grips are either dowel or palm grips. Palm grips are simply one strip of leather that protects the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, dowel gymnastics grips have somewhat the same shape but have a small piece of a dowel rod right where your fingers connect to the palm on your hand.

The purpose of this dowel rod is to help the gymnast hold on to the bars and to get a better grip on the bar so that they do not slip off. But both types of grips are secured at the wrist by either a single or double buckle or strap. The other side of the strap has holes in it for your fingers to go through, with either two or three holes being the common options.

As mentioned, the usual time for a gymnast to start using grips is somewhere between level 4 and level 6, but these can be used earlier on. Using them early on is a great way to help a gymnast get used to them.

This is a good argument in favor of using them early since if the gymnast waits until after they are comfortable on the bars then the change could throw them off. Instead, if they were already using the grips as they were learning the bars then they will not have to worry about being set back at all in their training because of this.

When it comes to size this is a vital part of choosing the right grips for you. Grips that are the wrong size will slip and can even lock up which can be very dangerous depending on what you are doing on the bars.

While there are a lot of things that you should consider, it can help to know what some of the best gymnastics grips have in common and start there. These are the best for a reason, and you cannot go far wrong with any of these options.

Option #1. Bear KompleX 3 Hole Leather Hand Grips

These gymnastics grips are a pretty well-known set among gymnasts, and as an added bonus they can not only be used for gymnastics but they can also be used for other things like weightlifting and other fitness related hobbies.

Most of these grips are made out of genuine leather, but they do offer one option that is black and is made out of a suede type fabric instead if for any reason you do not want the bother of having to break in the leather or if you simply dislike leather.

The leather that this is made from is exceptionally durable and there are a few different color options that you can choose from if you prefer a certain color. In this design the leather is quadruple-stitched so that the seams are extra strong and will not unravel no matter how intense your training is.

These Bear Komplex grips also come in four different sizes, and the website has a sizing chart there for you to help you see which size is the right one for you to go with. These grips can be either 2 hole grips or 3 hole ones, and this will help you to have a better fit if you have hands that are on the narrow or simply prefer narrow grips.

Lastly, the wrist straps on these gymnastics grips are quite comfortable, being designed so that they will not cut into your wrists no matter what you are doing or at what angle your wrists are bent at while you are on the bars.

Option #2. AEOLOS Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips

This is gymnastics grip comes with a 3 hole design and it is also made out of a durable leather. Like all grips that are made out of leather, it will need to be broken in over a few uses, but this leather comes in three different colors: brown, black, and white.

There is even another option with these grips that lets you choose how thick you want the leather to be. You can decide if you want the leather to be either one or two layers thick depending on your hands and how much protection you want your grips to offer them.

The option that is two layers thick even comes with a small bag that you can keep the grips in so you do not have to worry about misplacing them. The wrist strap on these AEOLOS leather grips is very nice, being wide and well-padded so that it can make your wrists as comfortable as possible.

These gymnastics grips are actually made to help support your wrist in addition to protecting the palms of your hands, but they still allow your wrists to bend. This is a definite bonus and makes them good for helping your wrist joints.

Another good thing about these is that they are fairly inexpensive. However, these gymnastics grips do not tend to last as long as some other leather grips. This company also has a sizing guide that you can look at to help you choose the right size.

Option #3. Reisport Hook And Loop Grips

These gymnastics grips are made specifically for gymnasts to use and the fact that the Reisport company specializes in gymnastics means that they have a pretty good idea of what gymnasts need in their grips. This being the case, these grips are a great option for you to consider getting.

The leather that these gymnastics grips are made from is extremely durable. Actually, it can be better described as a leather laminate. This lamination helps the grips to last as long as possible since it makes the leather extra strong.

This lamination also affects the stretching. Stretching is something that always happens to some degree when you break in a new pair of leather grips. Most grips are expected to stretch around 4% while you are breaking them in.

However, these grips are made to stretch less than 1% when they are broken in. This means that they can fit you in the end nearly exactly how they did when you first got them and it makes getting the right fit that much simpler.

The Reisport gymnastics grips come in four sizes and have the 3 hole and 2 hole options. These grips even have a dowel feature in them, with the small dowel rod being sewn into the grips so that it doesn’t move around on you.

Finally, the last feature that I am going to mention about these grips is that they have has is the hook and loop design for their wrist strap. While this may not be as comfortable as some other strap designs, it is make to do a good job of not cutting into your wrist.

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