The Top 10 Gymnastics Moves For The Bars

There are so many different gymnastics moves that it can be hard to tell some of them apart, but then there are the ones that just “wow” those of us who could never hope to attempt them. These top 10 gymnastics moves for bars are ones that definitely have that wow factor and which only the most experienced of gymnasts try to do.

1. Round-Off Arabian Salto Over Low Bar To Grab High Bar Mount

While this move is fairly simple to explain, it is anything but simple to do. In fact, this move is so difficult that it is even rated a G difficulty level, and so it is worth a lot of points if done in Elite gymnastics which is where you are most likely to see it if it is done at all.

This mount requires the use of a springboard and the gymnast starts some distance away. The round-off that the gymnast does ends with her feet on the springboard as she faces away from the bars. During the Arabian salto she goes over the low bar as she turns to face the high bar which she then grabs to begin her bar routine.

2. Forward Giant In L Grip With 1 ½ Turn On One Arm

A giant, and even a forward giant, is a move that can be somewhat challenging all on its own without anything else added to it. However, by adding a turn to it – and a 1 ½ turn at that – it becomes that much more difficult. For this reason, this gymnastics move is rated an E difficulty.

As you can guess from the name, this move starts off with a forward giant using the L grip on the bars. Once the gymnast completes the circle and they get into a handstand position on the bars again the turn comes in. The way this works is that one arm is raised and 1 complete turn is done while only on one arm grips the bar. Then, as the gymnast grabs the bar again they let go of the bar with the other hand to put it on the other side of the hand that they just put back down.

3. Backwards Swing With Forward Salto Tucked Over High Bar

This move is a same-bar move that involves releasing the bar for a salto only to re-grab the same bar, and it is so difficult this release-regrasp is rated a G skill. This starts off with the gymnast on the high bar and doing a backwards swing down and then away from the low bar.

As she comes up on the tail end of the swing, she lets go of the bar and pulls her knees in so that she is in a tucked position, using the momentum of the swing so that she keeps going up and over the high bar. As she comes back down, she has to reach back behind herself in order to regrasp the high bar.

4. Stoop Through With Backwards Flight To Handstand

This gymnastics move is a high bar to low bar transition that is rated as a D level skill. This starts with the gymnast hanging or at the bottom part of a circle for which her legs are in the pike position and with the gymnast facing away from the low bar.

The gymnast’s legs then go up and in between her arms and the bar as her head comes down. For this move her legs should seem to keep going as she pushes herself up and away from the high bar while her body straightens into a handstand position in which position she should grab the low bar facing away from the high bar.

5. Toe-On Release With Flight Backwards To High Bar

This low bar to high bar change with flight looks amazing and is rated a level D skill. It starts off with the gymnast in a handstand position on the low bar and facing the high bar. The gymnast then swings forward and down in a toe-on circle position.

As she gets near the end of the circle her legs straighten back out again to help keep her momentum going and she releases the low bar, going over it backwards in order to grab the high bar on which she usually swings backwards into some form on a backward circle.

6. Pak With Full Turn – Bhardwaj

This move looks quite elegant and it is rated a level E skill bar transition that starts with the gymnast in a handstand position on the high bar while facing away from the low bar. The gymnast then swings down and towards the low bar with her body in the pike position.

As her feet come up, her hands then let go of the high bar, doing one complete turn in the air while her legs are still held together pointing up. Then she grabs the low bar with both hands and swings both legs down and up to touch the bar with her toes.

7. Toe-On Circle with Full Turn In Flight To High Bar

This gymnastics move is a bar transition with flight. It not only looks incredible, but it also has difficulty of a level E. This move starts off with the gymnast on the low bar and in a handstand position which has her facing the high bar.

First the gymnast will get into the right position and will do the first part of the toe-on circle, swinging down and away from the high bar. When it nears the end, however, her legs will pop up as though she is going back into the handstand position and she will push herself up and away from the low bar and towards the high bar as she does a complete turn in the air to catch the high bar.

8. Swing Forward With A ½ Turn To Double Salto Forward Pike Dismount

This dismount looks to be relatively simple – compared to some of the other dismounts out there – but it looks lovely and it hard enough to warrant being graded as a level E skill, so don’t let its looks deceive you any. In this move the gymnast swings forward on the high bar while facing away from the low bar.

When she reaches around the horizontal position she lets go with one hand and does the ½ turn, after which she lets go with the other hand, bringing both hands in and her body straight as she keeps rotating in order to do the double salto in the pike position. When this is done correctly the gymnast will land facing the bars.

9. Hip Circle Hect With Full Turn To Salto Backwards Dismount

This is a dismount that is valued at an F level skill and it is one that even if you know what you are looking at it has so much quick movement to it that you just might miss a part of it.

To start this one the gymnast does a quick hip circle into the hect and then without a pause anywhere she must use the hect and her momentum to do a full turn as she lets go of the bar and her momentum should help her start off her backwards salto to the ground when she lands facing away from the bars.

10. Double Salto Backwards Straight With Double Twist Dismount

This dismount is another one that looks amazing and that can only be done from the high bar as it requires a lot of height. It is rated a G value dismount, and as such is not one that you will see a lot of except for in Elite gymnastics or the Olympics.

The gymnast starts on the high bar facing away from the low bar as she finishes a swing, throwing herself up into the air in order to get height as she lets go of the bar. She continues to rotate with her feet going back and down towards the bar all the while keeping her whole body perfectly straight as she not only does two rotations but two twists as well.

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