How To Become A Gymnastics Brand Ambassador

Becoming a gymnastics brand ambassador has its perks. You can get FREE LEOTARDS, get hooked up with modeling gigs, get to represent top brands and more! But how do you actually become a one? In this article we will share a simple step by step guide on how to be a gymnastics brand amabssador.

The first step to becoming a gymnastics brand ambassador is to identify and apply with a brand selling gymnastics apparel. You will want to choose a brand that you love as if successful you’ll be asked to wear and promote there products.

To become a gymnastics brand ambassador you need to:

  • Have popular social media channels with substantial followers
  • Train at a gym that is geographically located in the brands region
  • Provide past gymnastic statistics and awards that satisfy the brands requirements
  • Offer details on how you plan to promote their brand
  • Have passion for the sport of gymnastics and a fun personality

If you meet or are on the path to meet the prerequisites above then read on as I’m going to dive into more details on each of these topics. Many gymnasts will fail to do a few small things that make all the difference when these companies choose their brand ambassadors.

How Is Your Social Media Presence?

These companies are spending tons of money on marketing their products to gymnasts and make sales. The reason companies are looking for gymnasts that have a strong social media presence is that is allows them to market to a huge group of people that are interested in exactly what they are selling.

As a gymnast you are probably following many other gymnasts so when you post something positive about Plum Practice Wear for example they will show up in the feeds of all of your followers.

This give these companies direct access to a highly targeted audience that is looking for their products. Social media influencer marketing has become one of the most lucrative ways to market not only for the influencer (ambassador) but the companies willing to pay them for utilizing that influence.

Companies wouldn’t spend so much money on this style of marketing if it didn’t work.

So one of the first steps in becoming a gymnastics brand ambassador is to make sure you have a strong social media presence with lots of followers. There are many ways to gain followers on social media channels. YouTube is a great resource to research these strategies.

Here are 3 channels I recommend that have solutions that actually work.

  • For YouTube I recommend Project24 they have a 60 step approach to growing their channel. They keep the course up to date as youtube changes.
  • For Instagram this 35 Step Resource is a great starting point.
  • For TikTok this post from Iconosquare offers a step by step guide.

Remember that in order to become a gymnastics brand ambassador you’ll need to offer the company something of value. Have a large following of people that are interested in the brands products is extremely valuable to the company.

I would choose one channel at a time and really focus on building it up until moving onto the next channel. To qualify with some companies they’ll want to see a strong following on at least one channel. It’s better to have 5,000 followers on one social media outlet than 1,000 followers on 5 channels. Especially at the beginning when you are in the application phase.

Are You Geographically Located Near The Brand

This is becoming less important as so much business is done online these days. Some companies are based in specific areas though and they are looking to grow their business in targeted zones.

Before you apply research where the company is bases and where they are looking to expand. They might be trying to sell more products in the LA area and don’t have a strong presence.

If your gym is located in LA they might be looking for a strong gymnast to rep their brand in that area to create more awareness.

When trying to become an ambassador try to get into the head of the business owner that is selling the leotards. What are their struggles and how can you help them?

If they are generating low revenue in a geographic area how can you help them in that region?

Maybe you could run a booth for them at the next big event (assuming you’re not competing in it). Think outside the box and offer some of these ideas when you apply for the position.

Got Trophies?

Being a successful gymnast will definitely help you when applying to be an ambassador but don’t be discouraged if you are in the middle of the pack. In order of importance your gymnastics accolades is not that high on the companies list.

They are more interested in:

  • Your following and influence
  • Your personality
  • Your creativity in helping them promote their brand

This being said being a top gymnast definitely doesn’t hurt you. Companies want to be represented by the best. That’s why Simone Biles & Patrick Mahomes get the best promotional contracts out there. They are the best at what they do and brands want them to represent their product or service.

So go kick but out there and win 1st overall at your next meet. The more success you have in the sport the more doors will start opening for you.

Just remember there is more to being a brand ambassador than winning.

Don’t Ask What The Brand Can Do For But Rather What You Can Do For The Brand

Many gymnasts start this journey to become a brand ambassador so they can get free leotards & modeling shoots. These are outcomes that will happen if you can position yourself as someone that can truly help the brand.

Here is an example of how you can help the brand:

In the post above Ella_gymgirl is adding Plum Practice Wear in her posts. She’s doing this before even becoming a brand ambassador. This is showing the company that she’s serious about promoting them and helping their bottom line.

Plum Practice Wear is just one company but you could use this hash tag strategy with any gymnastics apparel company that offers an ambassador program. Pick the one you love the most!

Here’s that sample list of hash tags:

#PlumGirl #PlumPracticeWear #PlumLove #Plumpositivity #GymLife #Gymnast #Gymnastics #Flexible #Fun#Fitness #GymMotivation #Workout #Handstand #Leotard @plumpracticewear

Think outside the box and find ways to help promote the company you are hoping to represent.

Share Your Passion & Personality


The definition of “Ambassador” is to represent. So in essence you are representing the company. In order to represent a company fully you need to be passionate about what they sell.

As a prerequisite you’ll need to have a deep love for the sport of gymnastics. Any company that sells gymnastics apparel will share that love and passion for the sport. Their goal is to help gymnasts have a comfortable practice or meet and look their best while wearing their gear.

If you have read this far into the post you no doubt have a deep love and passion for gymnastics and have a strong desire to become a great gymnast and also become a brand ambassador.


Don’t forget to be you when you are on social media. People are attracted to real people with real problems. Share your struggles along with your successes.

Many gymnasts probably struggle with the same mental blocks you might be struggling with right now. When you share those people can relate to you more and you earn a deeper level of trust from people on social media.

If you only post your successes people won’t get to know the real you. Brands want ambassadors that are real, true people to represent them.

Allowing yourself to be a little venerable and sharing your failures on social media helps to build that trust.


Becoming a gymnastics brand ambassador comes with a lot perks. Although it’s not easy it is possible if you work on the five items we discussed in this article. Put in the work, be patient and in the end you will have success.

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