The Top 10 Gymnastics Moves For The Floor

One of the things about the floor routines are that they are most often done with a number of combination moves. It is the end of these combinations that are the highlight of the move after enough momentum has been gained. One of the keys that helps to do all of these is to set an external focus so that you can land correctly.

1. Double Salto Backwards Tucked With A Full Twist

This gymnastics move requires a lot of momentum and is one of the ones that is usually added to the end of a combination. It is hard enough to warrant a level E skill rating and for it the gymnast often starts in one corner of the floor and does a round-off back handspring or something else first and in order to get into the right position so that she is facing away from the corner that she plans on landing in.

Once the right momentum and position is reached the gymnast will seem to fly up into the air as she goes end over end two times in the tucked position and also twists around once so that so is in the corner and facing the rest of the floor.

2. Salto Backwards Straight With 3 ½ Twist

This is another gymnastics move that looks simply amazing. It is rated an F difficulty and is also added to the end of a combination for the sake of momentum and to get the gymnast into the same position where she is facing away from the corner where she plans on landing.

During this salto the gymnast’s feet go up over her head into the air and back down again on the other side for her to land on them. But what makes this move look so amazing is that her whole body stays straight from head to foot while she does this and she does so much twisting that it can be hard to tell just how many twists she did even if you are paying attention. This move makes the gymnast land in the corner and facing the corner.

3. Double Salto Backwards Straight With Full Twist

While the backward salto part of this move might be the same, that is about it. This move is so hard that it is categorized as an H value skill. Part of this is because any straight saltos take a lot of momentum in order get the height needed to flip in this position.

Split Exercise Floor Gymnastics Female Performance

Once again, in order to get into position the gymnast does a few flips in order to gain the needed momentum and be where she is facing away from the corner where she is supposed to land. For the double salto in the backward position the gymnast has to go end over end and for this move one full twist is added so that the gymnast lands facing out of the corner.

4. Double Salto Backwards Tucked With Triple Twist

This is an incredible gymnastics move that is so hard that it is given a J skill category. Perhaps one of the hardest part of doing this move is doing the right amount of turns and twists and still landing at the end without being off balanced.

Since this is another backwards move that is at the end of a combination, whatever other moves that the gymnast starts with should give plenty of momentum and should also end with her facing away from the corner she will end in. The salto is in the tucked position and involves the gymnast going feet over head for two full revolutions while she twists three times in the air to land facing out of the corner.

5. Split Leap To Ring With Full Turn

This is a beautiful leap to watch a gymnast do and has a difficulty rating of D. This move does not require nearly as much room or momentum as the previous ones did, but the gymnast will still need to take a couple of steps into the leap to get some motion going.

For this the gymnast starts off in a split leap, then while she is still in the air she does half of a turn, switching legs as though in a switch leap. Only, instead of simply going into a split leap in the other direction, the back leg goes further back as the head and arms tilt back to form the ring position. As the gymnast starts to land, both legs will come down and she will do the other half of the full turn so that she is facing the same direction that she was when she started.

6. Wolf Hop With A Double Turn

This gymnastics move might be only classified as a D skill, but it is really hard to do and it looks really nice if it is done right. To do a wolf hop can be rather difficult on its own, and it is even more so when a double turn is added to it.

To do a wolf hop a gymnast hops into the air and puts one leg at horizontal pointing forward with the other leg bent back at the knee with the top part of the leg pointing forward next to the other leg. In order to add a double turn to this the gymnast has to start turning before they fully get into position, turn while in this position, and then keep turning until her foot touches the floor.

7. Double Turn With Leg Held Backwards And Up With Both Hands

This D skill turn is one that looks great when it is done right and it starts in the same position that most turns start, which is where the gymnast has one foot behind the other and arms at horizontal.

One leg goes back and up as far as possible while the gymnast’s head and arms tilt back so that she is looking at the ceiling. Meanwhile both hands are reaching back to grab her foot, forming a sort of ring shape with her body as she does her full two turns.

8. Quadruple Turn With Leg Below Horizontal

This gymnastics move like a fairly simple one, and it is equally simple to explain, however it is difficult enough for it to have a difficulty rating of an E skill. The position that this turn starts off in is with one leg behind the other and with both arms held to the sides horizontally.

Then the arms swing in to be close to the chest and the back leg comes up, bending at the knee to place the foot near the knee of the other leg that is bearing the weight of the gymnast. In this position the gymnast has to do four full turns without getting off balanced.

9. Triple Turn In Tuckstand

This gymnastics move is particularly hard in that the position that the gymnast has to hold themselves in is very hard to do. This move is rated as a level E skill and it takes a lot of balance. The position that the gymnast needs to be in to start this move is down in a squat on one leg with the knee pointing out to the side and the other leg poking perfectly straight out the other side.

Once here and with her arms held out to the sides, the gymnast raises her straight leg to horizontal and swings it forward as she raises her arms to help twist herself all the way around for a full three times without letting that leg touch the floor and while staying in the squat position the whole time.

10. Triple Turn With Leg Held In Split Position

This turn is another turn that qualifies as a level E skill that a gymnast can do in the floor routine. To get into the proper position the gymnast needs to have one foot behind the other while slightly leaning forward and with her arms held out horizontally to the sides.

When she is there, the gymnast pulls her back leg forward and up, grabbing it with both of her hands near her ankle and holding it up into the split position for the full three rotations that she does. At the end she places her raised leg back down and in front of the other leg.

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