The Top 10 Gymnastics Gifts For A Young Gymnast

Shopping for a gift for young gymnast can be something that is very hard to do, whether is Christmas, a birthday, or some other special occasion. If you are anything like me then when you try to think of a gift then your mind tends to go blank other than perhaps the fact that you can get them another leotard. However, you know that you can only get them so many of those before they will have more than they need.

So, just what can you get a young gymnast that will in some way tie into their passion for gymnastics? Well, here are a few ideas that you can use, or maybe these will help spark other ideas to make the next few gifts a breeze for you to pick out.

1. Customized Gymnastics Items

Though this might sound a bit confusing, if you think about it you can see that there are certain things that a gymnast has to have besides a leotard. They have to drink plenty of water, don’t they? So getting a nice water bottle that has a gymnast on the side can be a great gift idea and is something that a gymnast will love to carry around to other places too.

Another gymnastics item is chalk and, while you cannot personalize this, you can personalize a bag for your gymnast to keep their chalk in. Sometimes a gymnast’s legs will get cold, so leg warmers are also something that can easily be personalized.

Other things that you can get a young gymnast include a shirt with a favorite gymnastics phrase on it, and it is even possible to get your young gymnast’s name added to some of these. The options in this area are almost endless, and you are far more likely to have a harder time in narrowing your choices down than you are to have a hard time in finding something here.

2. Wall Décor

There is literally every kind of wall décor imaginable and for any theme that you could possibly think of, including gymnastics. You can either go all out and decorate all of the walls in their room, or you can go with something not quite so over the top and simply get them things like posters of their favorite gymnasts.

If you choose the former option there are two ways that you can go about this depending on how well you think you know your gymnast and just how much you trust them. The first option that you can go with if you think you know what they would and would not like, or if you do not quite trust their sense of fashion for whatever reason, is to pick out wall décor for them.

While it may not end up being exactly what they would have chosen, at least you can know that their room will not look like a fashion disaster where everything clashes. If you choose to pick for them though, it is usually a wise idea to know your gymnast as well as possible and to put out a few “feelers” for what they might be interested in.

The second option that you have is that you can let them pick what they want and simply help them with setting it up how they want it. If you know that you gymnast is even more picky about what does and does not go together than you are, then this is a great option. It also relieves you of any of the pressure should they decide later on down the road that they don’t like something because you can remind them that they are the one who picked it.

3. Mini Locker

This is probably one thing that hadn’t crossed you mind, and maybe even something that you didn’t even know that you could get. There are so many different uses for a mini locker in your gymnast’s room, but I will only touch on a couple of them.

The most important reason why a gymnast can really use a mini locker is that it is a great way to keep all of their gymnast clothes and accessories all in one spot. There are a number of different designs that you can go with, some of which have drawers for clothes and other handy features.

This means that instead of having to dig through her everyday clothes in order to find the leotard she wanted to wear, or having to dig through her leotards to find the shirt that she wants, your gymnast will be able to have a special spot for her leotards and other gymnastic items. This is great for helping them stay organized and makes both her gymnastics items and will make both her everyday ones easier for her to find.

The other main reason why getting a mini locker is a great idea as a gift for your gymnast is the fact that these lockers are so easy to personalize. Sometimes the idea of painting or putting things on the walls of a room is not very appealing, but a locker is much easier to change should your gymnast outgrow their current favorite color or anything like that.

Even better is the fact that your youngster will be able to reach everywhere on the mini locker in order to customize it themselves. This is much more fun for them and more fun for you since you will not have to get on a stepper and point to spots on the wall repeatedly to ask them if this is the right spot where they want something.

4. Home Gym Equipment

If you do not own some of the gym training equipment already, then these items are a great idea to give to your young gymnast. There are quite a few options here that you can choose from, depending on your gymnast and what would fit them the best.

One option is a mat on which they can practice their rolls and tumbling, and this also provides a great place to practice doing their flips so that they do not get hurt if they fall or land incorrectly when they try these. The mat can also be used with the other gymnastics equipment to make them safer to practice with.

One of these is the bar, which is something that you can easily put in your home. There are a lot of different bars that you can put in your home, some of which come with their own mat that goes under the bar so that if they fall they land on it. If it does not come with a mat, however, you can simply use whatever mat you already own or get one separately.

You can also get a balance beam for your young gymnast to practice on at home if you want to. Some of these are above the ground, while others lie on the ground and allow a gymnast to get used to moving around on it without having a distance that they can potentially fall, and it is a great way to help them build some confidence on it.

Getting all of these at some point is a great idea, especially if your gymnast wants to go pro someday. But if you are choosing just one of these then it is likely best to talk with their coach and see what they need to work more on. If they have a hard time on the bar but they ace the beam, then consider going with the bar.

5. Gymnastics Movie Or Book

Sometimes young gymnasts can get discouraged and be in need of a slight pick-me-up to help get them motivated again when they are struggling with a particular skill or do poorly at a competition. A movie or a book that is all about a gymnast is a great way to help them out and they are much more likely to enjoy either one, partially due to the fact that it will be easy for them to relate to the characters because they will be able to see some similarities in themselves.

There are even whole book series for kids such as the Perfect Balance Gymnastics book series that is from the view point of a young gymnast whose family has just moved in book 1 of the series, and describes her journey and her struggles along the way.

There is even an American Girl movie that is all about a young gymnast as well, and her dreams of making it to the Olympics. In addition, there are historical gymnastics movies, including one or two about Nadia who was the very first gymnast to score a perfect 10.00 points. Nadia even wrote a form of a book as well which you can easily find.

With so many different options that you can choose from when it comes to movies and books that you can get for your young gymnast, it would be hard to be unable to find something that they would like in this area. This is also great way to get them to relax sometimes if they are stressed due to an upcoming competition or if they need to work on their reading skills more.

6. Gym Bag

A gym bag can come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. Sometimes these are a simple drawstring bag that your young gymnast can put stuff in, and at other times they come in the form of a backpack with plenty of pockets, but they can come in a lot of different forms other than those as well.

The key when getting a gymnast a gym bag is thinking of their personality as well as what they might need in a gym bag. For example, a gymnast who prefers just throwing everything in a bag and organizing it later at home as she takes it out of the bag might be better suited by a drawstring bag.

On the other hand, a gymnast who prefers to have a place for everything and everything in its place would be far more likely to appreciate something that has plenty of pockets and things that she can take advantage of in order to stay organized.

Along with that is also the color and the design of the bag. This should be fairly easy if you know what your gymnast’s favorite color is and whether or not they like really bright colors, or sparkly things, or feel that they are too grown up for such things and want something more grown up looking.

You should also consider the fact that it may be worthwhile to get your gymnast two gym bags. This way they can have one with a fun design and bright colors for everyday use and for going to gymnastics practice and they can have a separate one that looks more subdued for going to a competition and that has more room in it for everything that they might need at the meet.

7. Gymnastics Notebook

Having a gymnastics notebook, maybe even paired with a few nice pens, can be a great gift for a gymnast. Different notebooks can even have graphs and things that can allow a gymnast to keep a log of the skills that she is learning so that she can see how much progress that she has made over the course of a month or so.

While there are notebooks that are specifically for gymnastics, a regular notebook can work as well and be kept as more of a diary. A monthly planner type of notebook also can be a great idea to help them keep track of things and as a handy place where they can write down some of the useful tips that they may have learned in practice instead of writing them on a loose piece of paper which can get lost or misplaced.

8. Gymnastics Jewelry

Jewelry can be an important part of dressing up for special occasions, even if it cannot be worn during a gymnast’s practices or competitions. Whether you knew it or not before, there is a wide variety of different jewelry that can have a gymnastics theme.

Not only is there such things as charms for a charm bracelet that are a gymnast doing a certain pose, but there are also other jewelry items like this as well. However, charms are quite possibly where you will find the most variety when it come to gymnastics.

One of these options is earrings that look quite like the gymnastics charms. These can be either studs or have the tiny gymnast of the earring dangling by either a hand or a foot. There are also necklaces that really go with gymnastics, either by showing a gymnast or any number of other ideas.

Finally, there is also another kind of “jewelry” that can be worn even at a gymnastics competition. Rhinestones! These can be easily purchased as rhinestone kits and are a great way to let your gymnast personalize their own leotards by applying them. For a really young gymnast you can even have the fun of helping them come up with a pattern that they like and spend some quality time helping them get the rhinestones just right.

9. Stretch Band

If you are not very familiar with gymnastics then you may not know what a stretch band even is. A stretch band is in a way very much like a huge piece of elastic. This is very useful when it comes to stretching to warm up for practicing since a gymnast can loop part of the band around her foot and pull her foot down while she pulls up with her arms.

Stretching is something that is very important for any gymnast to do and a stretch band is a great way to help your gymnast remember to do it. While theses can come in a variety of lengths, widths, and colors, as a general rule longer and thicker ones are better for older kids. If you are in doubt then you can always ask you gymnast’s coach or fellow gymnast parents which ones they recommend.

10. Gymnastics Toys

Toys of any kind can be a lot of fun, but to a kid who also happens to be passionate about gymnastics everything is often better with a little bit of gymnastics added to it! There are all kinds of options here that you can choose from.

One option that you can get is a gymnastics leotard that is the right size for a doll and that can match your daughter’s own leotard too. This is a great option if your girl has a doll that she likes and enjoys pretending that her doll is a gymnast sometimes.

Another option if you have a gymnast who enjoys building things with Lego’s pieces is to get a Lego set that has a gymnast person with it. While you may not have known that there even was such a thing, the set can even have some of the various gymnastics bars and things that real gymnasts use too.

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