Should I Buy A Gymnastics Air Track?

Gymnastics has a wide variety of different equipment that can be used for your training, of which air tracks are only one item. You may or may not know what a gymnastics air track is, but this is one piece of gymnastics equipment that you should know more about. 

Gymnastics air tracks allow your gymnast to practice tumbling routines that include cartwheels, aerials, hand springs and flips safely at home. They are suitable for gymnasts of all levels. The flexible surface allows you to jump higher and with more energy. Air tracks can also be used for cheerleading, martial arts and other sports. Most air tracks can also be used on water.

To see if a gymnastics air track is right for you, you should know some of the reasons why you might need one. Knowing in what situations where you may not need a gymnastics air track and more about just what an air track is is also helpful to know. 

A Little About Gymnastics Air Tracks

Gymnastics air tracks are essentially an inflatable tumbling mat that you can train on. They are thick enough to support a gymnast without a lot of sinking in. At the same time, an air track has enough air in it to help prevent injury in case the gymnast using it falls. 

Air tracks, unlike gymnastics mats, are rectangular instead of square, which is another difference between the two. Depending on what the air track is made of, it can be used either outdoors or indoors. 

Most air tracks are made to be relatively puncture-proof. Some air tracks are made out of the same type of material as inflatable boats. These are both resistant to being punctured, but they are also at least mostly waterproof. 

Then, gymnastics air tracks are also available in different thicknesses. Some of the more common thicknesses are 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm. These give you options on just how much cushion you can have when you are practicing. 

Reasons Why You Should Get A Gymnastics Air Track 

There are many reasons why it can be a great idea to get a gymnastics air track of your own. Many gymnastics gyms have air tracks of their own for gymnasts to train on. However, if you are serious about your gymnastics training, then you will need to train at home too. 


You should never underestimate how much you can so on a gymnastics air track. You can do almost anything on the right air track, the same as you can on a regular gymnastics mat. This is great for practicing your gymnastics skills. 

Even if you are just starting gymnastics, you can still use a gymnastics air track in place of a gymnastics mat if you want to. This can help you practice your rolls, and it gives you much more space than the average mat. 


Of course, air tracks can go a long way towards making your training a lot safer. Your safety while practicing your gymnastics skills is not only important, but there are many aspects of it. Since an air track can be moved around, this makes it easier to use. 

You can use it both inside and outside of your home, and you can take your air track with you when you travel. No matter where you are, your air track can give you a safe place to practice. This means that you are more likely to actually use your air track to stay safe. 

Air tracks are also available in a variety of different sizes so that you can choose what size you need according to how much space you have for one. You can also choose one that is the right length for your tumbling passes without having to connect mats that might separate on you. 


A gymnastics air track can be used for so much more than just gymnastics. An air track can be a safe place for a kid to work on their motor skills. In fact, some daycares use them for that exact purpose to prevent injuries. 

Other than that, air tracks can be used in cheerleading, various forms of martial arts, and more to help you stay safe. This works great and can be even more cost-efficient if you have kids that are involved in various sports like these since they can all take turns using the air track and getting the most use out of it as possible. 

Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Gymnastics Air Track  

With all those reasons why you should get a gymnastics air track, there are a few disadvantages to getting one. While these advantages and disadvantages do balance each other out, you should still not blindly get one. 


Gymnastics air tracks can take up quite a bit more space than a gymnastics mat does. While some tracks are not as big, others can be huge. An average air track can be around 4’ to 5’ in length, but some of them get quite a bit longer. 

This is a lot of space, and not everyone has this amount of space to give. If you live in a small house and you do not have a backyard of your own, then you may not have enough room to set up a gymnastics air track. 


The fact that it takes time to air up a gymnastics air track should come as no surprise. Exactly how long this takes will depend on two factors: how large your air track is and the type of pump you are using to air it up. 

You also have to get all of this air out of the air track anytime you need to pack it away. While you can safely move it with it still being aired up, it is not safe to do so since you might accidentally puncture it while you are doing so. 

This airing up and then deflating can add up to quite a bit of time if you have to do this often. This is especially true when compared to gymnastics mats, which simply fold up and then fold out in a matter of seconds. 

This time can feel like it takes forever if, for example, you are trying to hurry and get your air track in out of the rain outside. While a little water should not hurt an air track, getting rained on should still be avoided. 

Special Features For Gymnastics Air Tracks

There are a lot of details that go into choosing the right gymnastics air track. Not only are there different sizes and thicknesses, but there are other details to consider too. Most of these come in the form of optional features that not every air track has. 

The first of these are handles, which are obviously helpful if you are going to be carrying your air track around with you. Also, like gymnastics mats, air tracks can have Velcro sections on them so that they can attach to each other for added length if one is not long enough for you. 

If you will be taking your air track outdoors, you will want to get one that has a UV coating on it. Now every track has this on it, but it is something you need if you do not want your air track to get damaged by the sun. 

Along with special features are certain accessories. Many gymnastics air tracks come with their own air pump, but some do not. Then there are other air track accessories such as a carrying case or a repair kit to fix small holes. Both of these are quite useful to have. 

Larger tracks usually come with more of these accessories and optional features than smaller air tracks do. These are usually a little cheaper per square inch than smaller air tracks are, but sometimes smaller mats can be found on a sale that makes it worthwhile to get them that way. 

So, perhaps you have found that a gymnastics air track is exactly what you need. If so, be sure to get an air track that fits your needs and has everything you need with it. 

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