How Much Does Gymnastics Cost For Beginners?

While it is true that there are a lot of costs to consider when you are getting into gymnastics, this sport is very much worth it and it has a number of benefits that make this a great option for you whether you ever intend of going to the Olympics or even if you are simply looking for a hobby to stay fit.

Gymnastics can cost anywhere from $400.00 all the way up to well over a thousand dollars for a beginner to get into. This includes everything that you would need, some items of which you would only need to purchase once.

The reason for this wide of a range is in part because of the fact that there are a lot of different things that you can choose to get or not to get, and some things that you will be able to get second hand as well. Knowing what these costs come from is a great way for you to know what things you could skimp on and what things you might could avoid having to pay for.

Gymnastics Lesson Cost

One thing that you cannot avoid spending money on is the gymnastics lessons that you will have to pay for. While you might be able to learn some of the basics yourself at home by watching videos and things that show you how to do certain things, this will only take you so far.

In addition, you should keep in mind the fact that a coach is going to be able to watch you while you do the different things and can see if you are doing them wrong, which is not something that you will be able to do if you are trying to teach yourself.

While lessons are an unavoidable part of learning gymnastics, the price of these lessons can vary due to a number of different factors. There are essentially four different factors that are going to affect the price of these lessons.

Young gymnast on a horizontal bar

The first of these reasons is if the class is a competitive one or one that is simply teaching gymnastics more for fun. A class that is very competitive is going to cost more but it will also teach you more. Along with this, the second thing that will affect the cost is going to be how long the classes last and how often they meet.

If you intend on doing gymnastics just for fun then you can go to a class that does not meet as often since you will not be competing much, and this will be cheaper for you. Thirdly, another part of this is how much equipment that the gym has and how up to date it is.

A gymnastics class that is more competitive is far more likely to have some of the newer things and a lot more equipment as well. In order to afford this newer equipment, that gym is going to have to have either more classes, charge more for their classes, or both.

The fourth and last factor that I will mention as one that will affect the cost of the gymnastics classes is the size of the class. Larger classes won’t give you as much time with the coach but will cost less. On the other hand, you can choose to go with private lessons which is going to cost the most.

You can either pay per lesson or for a class that might meet once or twice a week for six weeks. Buying a class package will of course be cheaper then paying for the individual lessons, and if you buy it ahead of time there is often a discount for doing so, making it even cheaper.

These variables mean that a class that is an hour long might be $10.00 if you buy it as part of a class and up to over $50.00 sometimes for an hour long class that is a single, private lesson. Most classes average out at $20.00 each.

For a recreational gymnast who is only doing it for fun, once a week is all that you might need to pay for. However, if you plan on being competitive then you may need to have at least two 2-hour classes in one week which is four times the amount as a recreational gymnast.

There are a few other things that will affect the cost of the lessons, such as where the gym is located, how big the gym is, and if any of the gymnasts who trained there have ever made it to the Olympics. As a general rule a class that is held at a YMCA is most assuredly going to be cheaper than a gymnastics class that is held at a prestigious gymnastics training center.

Items That You Will Need

One of the very first things that you will need to get as a beginner gymnast is a leotard to wear. While you can start off with only a couple of training leotards and one competition leotard, you will eventually want more.

Many gymnasts have a couple of dozen training leotards and a few competition ones to choose from without having too many. Keep in mind that training leotards can cost anywhere from $20.00 to $60.00 easily, while competition leotards cost at least $60.00 to a few hundred dollars for one leotard.

Sometimes you might can get a lightly worn leotard second hand, but it is very important that it fits right or else it will rub in spots and you will up with blisters. You will also need to get some things for your hair if your hair is long enough to get into your eyes at all since this is not something that is allowed in the classes.

Besides that, getting gymnastics equipment is also something that you will need to consider getting if you are at all serious about your gymnastics training. This can be something as simple as a mat, or it may include a bar, a beam, and some foam shapes to help you learn some of the basics.

Other Random Costs

Gymnastics shoes are something that is more optional for beginners, as is chalk and hand grips since you will not be doing too much on the bar at first. A few ice packs are also something that, while not required, can be very nice to have after a long practice.

One thing that you may not have heard about is that some gyms have what is called an annual registration fee. This, as its name implies, is something that you will have to pay for once a year and it can cost usually $10.00 to $50.00 when you first join up.

If you are truly serious about competing in gymnastics, you may also have to pay the $50.00 annual membership fee that the USAG charges and which will allow you to participate in special events and competitions.

Speaking of competitions, this is also something that will add to your expenses. While as a beginner you will not be participating a lot in competitions yourself just yet, you should go to a few of these as a form of inspiration and motivation so that you can see where you want to be one day and to encourage yourself to keep going.

If you are simply attending, there is the costs of traveling there, possibly staying the night, eating there, and the traveling back. If, on the other hand, you are going to compete at the gymnastics meet, then this will cost you even more.

On of the things that will make this cost more is the fact that you will have to pay for the entry fee to enter into the competition which will cost somewhere around $20.00 all the way up to possibly as much as $150.00 or more to enter into one competition.

Also, the gymnasts competing are sometimes expectes to pitch together to cover the costs of their coach’s expenses as well, not to mention that there can be a team entrance fee either in addition to the individual one or including it. Just these two things alone can easily cost you $100.00 just for one competition.

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